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JUNAN ZHONGSHENG CEREALS,OILS & FOODSTUFFS CO.,LTD. is located at the southeast of Shandong province in China. It is a comprehensive enterprise covering cereals industries, cereals and oils trade, import/export business and catering business. It has a fixed assets of RMB 20.96 million and a storehouse of 30,000 tons oil capacity with annual sales of RMB 200 million.

The company has convenient transportation. There is a modern port, Rizhao city to the east of it, to the south, the starting point of the asia-europe continental bridge, Lianyungang city. Moreover, yanshi railway goes through here and lanji, juxin road meet together here .

The company has several branches as follows: Jinxiang Vegetable Oils Factory, Peanut Screening Factory, International Trade Department, Jingu Hotel, Electric Appliance Marketplace and nine cereals and oils trade branch companies. Our products cover peanuts and
its products, sunflower kernels,fresh/dried fruits, meat prod ucts, weaven straw and wicker products, carved stone handicraft and relative equipments. Our main products are "liangdi" peanut oil and "jinsheng" peanut kernel and its products, the annuel sales of peanut kernel reaching over 50,000 tons. We sincerely thank all our clients for their loves and supports, and welcome more of them to join us. We hope that we can cooperate with each other and make our furture brighter together.

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